Biodiversity is essential for the natural development of our planet’s ecosystems and is crucial for life on earth. Over recent decades, in the face of threats such as the overexploitation of natural resources and climate change, biodiversity conservation has become a global priority. In this context, ecological engineering is starting to play an increasingly important role, combining engineering methods with ecological science to protect nature. As environmental experts, setec teams aim to preserve and restore biodiversity and aquatic environments. Our teams work in urban, semi-natural and natural environments, applying our skills in diagnosing, designing, assessing and certifying biodiversity initiatives for public or private clients.


One of setec‘s most important environmental assignments involves laying internet and electrical cables for customers in Corsica. What makes this project exceptional is that the cables cross heritage sites, such as Posidonia oceanica meadows and reef formations in the Mediterranean Sea, before reaching the coast.

setec’s work on these projects involves finding the best route for the cables and minimizing their impact on marine biodiversity, recommending that the cables are laid delicately to respect the meadows. In addition, our teams are working with the University of Corsica to investigate carbon storage in Posidonia oceanica “mats” and transplants of cuttings to achieve ecological restoration.