setec is proud to have contributed to the design of ecological panels for submerged structures with the aim of improving biodiversity!

As part of the desire of the Monaco Environment Department to restore the marine environment on its artificial reef at Fontvieille, setec had proposed the design of innovative ecological panels in 3D printing. The goal was to develop panels that can serve as a support for the development of benthic or necto-benthic species and can thus contribute to the construction of a complex marine ecosystem at the reef level.

The reflection on shapes, materials and fixings was led by marine experts and ecologists from Setec invivo and Setec Monaco in collaboration with the designers and designers of the company XtreeE, Startup in the building sector carrying out 3D concrete printing in large scale. The digital model used was inspired by the structures and shapes present on the natural rocks of the coast. Based on this model, 20 different modules were developed by adjusting the depths of the faults, the structure and size of the overhangs, as well as the general thickness. The chosen printing technique could eventually be used to dress artificial structures (dike walls, stabilization blocks, etc.) already in place on the coast in order to improve biodiversity.

These 3D panels, which will be submerged 35 meters deep during October off Fontvieille, were unveiled on Tuesday October 6th by Valérie Davenet, Director of the Environment, in the presence of HSH the Sovereign Prince, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Advisor of Government – Minister of Equipment, Environment and Town Planning, and Stéphane Valeri, President of the National Council.