“Protecting the population from floods thanks to low-carbon solutions, with reduced investments, while improving the regeneration of waterways and preserving biodiversity… This is what we are proposing with the Castor project,” explains Aymeric JAYET.

With their “Castor” project, the team represented by Laureline Bazin, Gaëtan Quesnel, Aymeric Jayet and Nicolas Frattini won the Biomimetic Prize in our low-carbon variants competition.

The prize was awarded on Thursday the 13th of October during our Engineers & Citizens evening at the Gaîté Lyrique. It rewards the study of an alternative wood-based diking solution, which maximises the gain in ecological restoration of the riverbed for the same amount of space, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) with few mechanical means. This very low carbon solution offers a ratio of 7 to 10 compared to traditional solutions.

This competition was an opportunity to study variants that would significantly reduce the carbon impact of a genuine project, within the scope of the Setec Group’s activity, by comparing them with the basic design.

More than 250 employees were involved, 36 entries were received in the first phase of the competition, 22 entries were selected for the second phase and 7 projects were finalists.

Thank you to all the participants for their commitment and for their efforts to find alternative low-carbon solutions for our projects.

Video on French page.