“How much do you save in carbon emissions by reusing materials? This is what we sought to quantify in this tertiary renovation project by comparing the carbon cost of the project with or without reuse…” explains Hélène Vieillefosse, an engineer in the setec group.

The “SEQUANA” project, with Hélène Vieillefosse, Ouerdia Belaidi, Marius Lafon and the BIM team from setec bâtiment, won the Circularity Prize in our low-carbon variants competition.

The prize was awarded on Thursday the 13th of October, during our Engineers & Citizens evening at the Gaîté Lyrique.

The project owner wanted to upgrade a 2005 building with a strong environmental ambition. This study highlighted the carbon savings made on the project thanks to a reuse approach and to develop an application linked to the digital model, making it easier and more reliable to carry out carbon calculations.

The implementation of reuse enabled the project’s carbon impact to be reduced by 17%.

More than 250 employees were involved in this internal competition, which enabled the study of variants that would significantly reduce the carbon impact of a genuine project, within the scope of setec’s activity, by comparing them with the basic design.

Thank you to all the participants for their involvement and for their efforts to find alternative solutions for our projects.

Video on French page.