Freyssinet builds concrete towers for large wind turbines under the FreyssiWind brand name.

Used instead of metal to reach heights of over 100 m, these towers use numerous specialized civil engineering techniques, such as precast C50/60 concrete elements, pretensioned exterior tendons, prestressed crossbars, assembly, heavy lifting, soil improvement by cement inlays, anchors, etc.

Freyssiwind commissioned setec  to apply its innovative construction methodology to detailed building specifications with the aim of improving its EPC project management (Engineering, Procurement and Construction).



This civil engineering assignment involved drafting technical specifications for the construction of wind farms worldwide.

Each step detailed precise physical and operational requirements.

The main chapters covered were:

- Excavation work

- Draining

- Concrete

- Casing

- Reinforcement

- Precast concrete

- Grounding

- Supplementary lighting work


The main phases were:

- Marking by a land surveyor

- Excavation

- Lean concrete

- Implementation of the frames and casing

- Concrete pouring

- Supplementary lighting work

- Backfilling



Key figures

Period of services

April 2015 – July 2016

Key challenges

- Drafting of technical specifications enabling Freyssiwind to guarantee foundation quality

- Standards: EN, ISO and ACI

- A specific method for installing anchors and reinforcements

- A temperature control method for concrete casting

- A feedback process