A critical expertise with strong added value

Geotechnical engineering is a particularly complex and constantly evolving discipline. In an increasingly constrained environment, our objective is two-fold: to guarantee the stability of the structures while optimizing the projects.

For around 40 years, setec has offered specific expertise in this field, gaining a reputation in France and worldwide through its work for high-profile clients on all types of geotechnical projects.


11 M€ annual revenue in 2016
An 80 -strong dedicated team
40 years of expertise

A comprehensive range of tailor-made services

Our geotechnical engineering services cover:

  • All types of structures (bridges and viaducts, underground works, roads and railways, buildings, ports, etc.), as well as natural risks (landslides, cavities, seisms, etc.)
  • Every project phase: preliminary studies, assistance to owners, geotechnical analyses, design and construction supervision, assistance to contractors, detailed design, independent engineer, diagnostic and expertise.

We contribute to global projects handled by setec group (typically for civil engineering and high-rise buildings projects) and also provide specific geotechnical services directly to external clients (project owners/managers, contractors, industry, etc.)




Ashegoda, Ethiopia

 Ethiopia Anchoring micropiles for wind turbines


Casablanca Finance City Tower

In addition, we offer the following areas of specific geotechnical expertise:

  • Development and marketing of geotechnical calculation software (Terrasol)
  • Single- and multi-company training in France and worldwide, focusing on geotechnical modelling (defining parameters, applying standards, using software, etc.)
  • Materials: weathering, geomaterials and special grout formulation
  • Subsurface geophysics

Expertise laboratoire d’altération

We’ve always focused exclusively on intellectual services and above all, made significant and continuous investments in scientific developments, whether on our own or as part of the scientific community, to develop the most reliable and effective innovative approaches. This is Terrasol’s DNA!
Valérie Bernhardt, General Manager of Terrasol and Chair of the French Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (CFMS)

An innovative approach, renowned for its added value in terms of project safety and optimization

Couverture de l’ouvrage des recommandations ASIRI.

Numerous scientific developments within the group enable us to take an innovative, effective approach. These geotechnical developments are made possible notably through our strong involvement in the scientific community:

  • Our active participation in numerous research projects, both externally (e.g. RUFEX, SOLCYP and ARSCOP to mention the most recent) and internally (“CIFRE” PhDs)
  • Our participation in the bodies and working groups of many professional societies (CFMS/ISSMGE, CFMR, CFGI, AFTES, AFPS, CFBR, etc.) and standards agencies
  • Frequent publications in specialised journals or at geotechnical conferences
  • Our involvement in teaching (basic and continuing education)

Among the topics we have worked on over the past few years are: soil-structure interaction, seismic design, thermo-mechanical models, geotechnical risk analysis, and offshore wind farm foundations.

A prominent name in dedicated calculation software



Copie d’écran Talren v5

The group has developed its own suite of geotechnical calculation software. These software (Terrasol) have been on the market for more than 20 years and are now widely known. Talren, a tool for verifying the overall stability of geotechnical structures, is our flagship product. Developed to meet in-house needs in the 1980s, it quickly attracted interest from other organizations such as EDF and Soletanche, and rapidly became a leader on the market. Our other software packages (Foxta for designing foundations, and K-Réa for checking the design of retaining walls) have followed the same path.

We have also developed Straticad, a practical tool for processing geotechnical data in AutoCAD©.

Remarkable work on all types of geotechnical projects


One of the most iconic structures for which the group has provided geotechnical expertise is the Millau Viaduct. We can also mention prestigious projects such as the Mohammed VI Bridge in Morocco, the Corniche road in Brazzaville, the Third Bosphorus bridge in Turkey, and the Hong Kong – Zuhai – Macao link, which includes a 9.4 km viaduct. setec has also studied the foundations of numerous rail bridges in urban environments, and contributed to transport projects such as motorways and high-speed rail lines (civil engineering structures and standard sections).

Riviera Marcory Viaduct – Côte d’Ivoire
Millau Viaduct- France

In addition, the group works on numerous major underground structures. On the “Grand Paris Express” rapid transit project, for example, setec is carrying out a variety of geotechnical tasks: design and construction project management, technical assistance to owner, services to contractors (assistance during tender phases, detailed design, etc.).

Gare du Grand Paris
Grand Paris Express – France

setec is also developing its geotechnical business in ports and airports.


In this field, we work on issues concerning retaining structures and foundations, for high-rise buildings (various towers in La Défense in Paris, the Entisar Tower and Dubai Creek Harbour Tower in Dubai, etc.), exceptional projects such as the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, and more classic underpinning operations.

Fondation Louis Vuitton – France


Highly engaged in projects for power plants and the oil & gas sector (e.g. the Shah Deniz project in Azerbaijan for Entrepose Projets), we typically work on designing foundations or soil reinforcement solutions to ensure the structural stability of the facilities.

Setec has also integrated renewable energies (onshore and offshore wind farms, photovoltaic power stations, etc.) into its geotechnical expertise. For example, the company conducted geotechnical studies for the Ashegoda wind farm in Ethiopia, involving 84 turbines with a total power of 120 MW.


In geotechnics, we have a long tradition of working worldwide on a range of assignments (supervision of soil investigation campaigns, studies, works supervision, independent engineering, diagnostic and expertises, etc.) and for various types of clients (local, international or French). Our expertise knows no geographical borders, and we regularly offer our expertise on every continent!

Currently, we are pursuing our international development, in line with the ambition of setec group as a whole.