This project was attributed to setec (Engineers), SCAU (Architect), Lefevre Architect (Historical Monuments), Vanguard (Economist) and ADOPALE (Logistics).


Restructuring Hotel Dieu – objective – 2024

Following a process initiated in November 2016, the consortium were ranked first place for this unique architectural project. The objective being to restructure the site for 2024. The emblematic Haussmann building will be redesigned to facilitate the hospital complex project: emergency entrance, outpatient treatment, imaging, psychiatry, research, transversal and support activities. This project will also contribute to the development of the Île de la Cité neigbourhood in central Paris.


Innovative Solutions

A proposition was put forward to the hospital authorities specifying the architectural intentions of the organization for the upgrading and restructuring of Hotel-Dieu defining the global medical project. The project was also expected to meet planned deadlines and costs while ensuring the continuity of the daily activities.

In addition, the architectural and technical program was to propose innovative solutions favoring exchanges, sharing and pooling, simplified flow management and energy optimization.


Starting 2017 the consortium, represented by setec, will undertake the studies that will enable the works to be defined and scheduled.